To light the indoor locations we had to use Infrared lights and rely on the viewfinder in order to see the results. It has been challenging but also very rewarding and exciting.


The main costume has been customed designed and is mainly made of Neoprene.
The way infrared photography works is completely different from normal photography. The colours are based on the amount of light getting reflected or absorbed. This means that a black cotton shirt would come out completely white in infrared.

This meant that we had to carefully check and select every single piece of fabric and sewing threads used in the costumes.



Designers who were involved in the project.

Joey Roth: Sorapot 2.0


Nick Baker: Prism light


Sinead o Moore: Crumpled Vases



Inks and special paper

As for the fabrics also paper and inks look different in infrared.
Special inks and paper had to be used otherwise the infrared modified camera couldn't pick up any writing or drawings

Make up and Hair


Shooting outdoor